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Mia is building bridges between people as she involves several senses and methods to get everyone onboard. Delivering insights with passion. She helps companies and organisations upgrade to their next level by utilising the potential already within its resources. With small, small steps, large results can be achieved.

Are you stuck in a culture that slows you down?

Change happens through people. We all want to be seen, heard and recognized.

Grew up as an orphan in a foreign country, resulting in losing her voice of language  for three years. She is the helping hand you want in your change initiatives to get the spark, insigths and tools. Her ability to easily explain and engage the audience in understanding and experiencing insights and methods giving lasting change.

With a background as engineer who lived and worked in 14 countries on 5  continents, she grew her passion for finding out the secret behind efficient leadership.  She found out that it had nothing to do with the culture and language barriers. Known from Swedish National TV show as one of the smartest in Sweden, author of several books about communication and thinking, she inspires and train people in organisations around the world.

The most popular of her keynotes are the following:

  • Grow culture – reap results.
  • Dig the digitalisation.
  • Lead ‘n change.


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Our clients include

Client list Mia Liljeberg Pfizer, Swedbank, Telia, Chalmers

Client list Mia Liljeberg


Thanks for 2 days, exceeding our expectations!
David, training manager , Change academy


You ask the right questions to get quick results and uncover the potential we had. Thanks for upgrading us!
Eva, IT manager , Schibsted Media company





First European convention for professional speakers, Antwerp March 2017

Mia was one of the speakers on the first european convention for professional speakers to be held in Antwerp. She shared some insights around how to get your message through in todays world of information abundance.

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