Finding talent and align for future has never been harder.. 


Then you have arrived at the right place! Mia Liljeberg is on a mission to guide organisations how to achieve large results through small calibrations. Your team’s hidden potential is waiting to be uncovered, join her!

"If you are not consciously including, you are unconsciously excluding. "

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You are stuck in a slow moving control and command organisation?

You want to move faster and still deliver quality to your customers? 

You want to find a way to navigate the future? Look no further.. watch the video and contact Mia for further ignition. 


Easier said than done, but that is needed in todays fast changing environment. You need to gain speed and still stay true to your purpose. The good thing is that certain actions can actually help you achieve both at the same time.. So instead of ending up scattered your organisation become align and fast adapter. 

"Every meeting is a microcosmos of your organisational culture "

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About mia Liljeberg

Mia Liljeberg is an adviser, public speaker and certified professional facilitator, but could be best described as a change catalyst. Over the past 18 years, she has helped dozens of organisations calibrate their leadership and communication to align with their stated their goals.

An engineer by training, Mia’s impressive work life has seen her lead change management projects in a variety of sectors including IT, finance, logistics, healthcare, media, and retail. Now her main focus is to ignite, accelerate and calibrate the change journey for her clients. How they can attract the right talent and customers, align their forces to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.  

Her unique ability to convert complex problems into manageable explanations across language and cultural barriers has been invaluable to clients and audiences in 20 countries across five continents. 

How can Mia help you?

  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Advisory

As with most things in life, change takes time and there are no silver bullets. Although it may be tempting to engage a consultant to manage your change program for you, after 18 years in the business, Mia Liljeberg is convinced that is not the way to achieve the best results. She instead gives her clients the right tools and follows them along the way, all the while empowering them to update to the next level.

Be it a digitalisation, a merger or acquisition, an outsourcing or backsourcing, or a restructuring, at the start, middle or end of your change journey, Mia’s expert guidance will be an invaluable resource to your and your team.

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Upgrade your Leadership 
Organisational culture - cultivate for success
Lead in a changing world 

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